Multi-functional Riparian Buffers - A new and collaborative approach to land and water conservation

Recent EP graduate, Margaret Wilson, will lead a conversation about how multi-functional riparian buffers represent an exciting opportunity to combine agroforestry with water protection strategies.
Join us to learn about the evolving world of riparian buffers! Multi-functional riparian buffers provide opportunities for harvesting products such as berries, woody florals, and nuts in the riparian zone. By combining agroforestry and water protection strategies, these buffers allow for a collaborative solution to water quality and land management questions. Join DCNR's Agroforesty Coordinator  Tracey Coulter and Austin Unruh of Crow and Berry Land Management as we discuss the recent DCNR grants for multi-functional riparian buffers and the realities of utilizing these tools on the ground. Hosted by the PA Highlands Coalition.
Tuesday, June 12, 2018