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Looking for an Internship in Environmental Studies or Public Policy?   The Environmental Policy Program is hosting an Internship Information Session designed for both undergraduate and graduate students.   Current students, Sam Smith (Port Authority) and Kirstin Webb (National Oceanic and Read more

Bethlehem is experimenting with a new type of street life just east of its historic downtown.

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Recent EP graduate, Margaret Wilson, will lead a conversation about how multi-functional riparian buffers represent an exciting opportunity to combine agroforestry with water protection strategies.   Join us to learn about the evolving world of riparian buffers! Multi-functional riparian buffers Read more

Parklets in major cities like Philadelphia and San Francisco can run $40,000 a pop, a price tag that's hard to swallow for business owners in smaller cities like Bethlehem.  

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Representatives from 195 countries have been gathered in Paris for the past week to try and hammer out a plan to combat what they say is global warming. Sarabeth Brockley '14, an environmental policy design alum, is at the conference.  She shared her views with WFMZ-TV.

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